Exterior Mechanical Load Scales

Right Weigh Exterior Mechanical Load Scales

Our exterior mechanical load scales are ideal for those that simply want to monitor and maintain legal weights. The exterior mechanical scales are easy to install and calibrate, and can be mounted on either a truck or trailer. Specific models are available for single, tandem and triple axle configurations. There are two different models to choose from. The larger 3 ½ inch gauge comes mounted in a custom, weather resistant enclosure with a push-pull valve to bleed the pressure out of the gauge when it is not in use. The smaller 2 ½ inch liquid filled gauges contain silicon that prevent corrosion and absorbs vibration and pressure spikes, even in extreme weather conditions. These liquid filled scales are ideal for flush and fully exposed exterior mounting. In most cases, they can replace the factory installed PSI gauge of the same size and shape.


Product #:310-30-PP/GO310/54-PP/GO310-54-M3310-80-PP/GO310-80-M3
Max height control valves11212
Max axle groups monitored11111
Max axles / axle group12233
Weight display optionsAxle group weightAxle group weightAxle group weightAxle group weightAxle group weight
Weather Resistant Enclosure-PP: Yes
-GO: No
-PP: Yes
-GO: No
Yes-PP: Yes
-GO: No
Mount typeTruck/TrailerTruck/TrailerTruck/TrailerTruck/TrailerTruck/Trailer
Max weight display30,000 LBS54,000 LBS54,000 LBS80,000 LBS80,000 LBS
Warranty3 Years3 Years3 Years3 Years3 Years


Product #:250-30-FF/LM250-54-FF/LM250-64-FF/LM
Max height control valves111
Max axle groups monitored111
Max axles / axle group123
Weight display optionsAxle group weightAxle group weightAxle group weight
Weather Resistant EnclosureNoNoNo
Mount type-FF: Flange
-LM: Lower Mount
-FF: Flange
-LM: Lower Mount
-FF: Flange
-LM: Lower Mount
Max weight display30,000 LBS54,000 LBS64,000 LBS
Warranty3 Years3 Years3 Years