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Using our in-dash scales in you truck, you are able to drive confidently knowing that the load picked up from the shipper is generally within your trailer’s legal weight capacity.

To use our in-dash scale in you truck as a tool to verify the trailer load weight, we assume:

  • The empty weight of your truck is 20,000LBS
  • The empty weight of your trailer is 15,000LBS
  • The steer weight is 12,000LBS
  • The maximum gross vehicle weight is 80,000LBS

In the calculator below, enter in:

  • The BOL Load Weight from the shipper
  • The weight shown on your Right Weigh in-dash scale

Using this calculator and our scales as tools to verify load weights, you can work with the shipper on location to make the load legal or rework product without wasting time or money by leaving to scale the load at a commercial ground scale. However, in situations where it is not totally evident that you are within legal weight, always scale your load at a commercial ground scale.