Here at Right Weigh we got our start by offering weight gauges specifically for tractors and trailers with air suspension. Since then we have expanded our product line many times over. In addition to our air suspension tractor-trailer gauges, we also have products for straight trucks with air suspension, trailers with leaf spring suspension, tractors or straight trucks with walking-beam suspension, tractors or straight trucks with Mack Camelback suspension, and twin steer trucks with air suspension drive axles. Click the button below to browse our complete product line-up. 

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Air Suspension Gauges

When calibrated and used properly, our air suspension gauges are accurate within 1% or better of axle group capacity. 

Spring Suspension Gauges

When calibrated and used properly, our spring suspension gauges are accurate within 1-3% or better of axle group capacity.

Yes. Our warranty is 3 years and covers parts-only.

If your goal is simply to maintain legal axle weights than many times choosing between analog and digital is just a matter of personal preference. Our analog gauges are super simple and work great for drivers with air suspension who just need to maintain legal axle group weights and avoid overweight fines. A digital gauge is required if the vehicle does not have air suspension, is used for heavy haul applications, or if lift axles are involved. Our digital gauges use two-point calibration, once while empty and once while loaded, making them more accurate for partial loads. Exterior digital models also work for axle groups with multiple configurations, such as groups with integrated lift axles, come standard with Bluetooth connectivity, and can be purchased optionally with RS-232 output for use with telematics systems. 

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Order it pre-installed on your new vehicle

We work directly with Original Equipment Manufactures (OEMs) to make our products available for installation right at the factory when ordering a new truck or trailer. Click the button below for a full list of the OEMs we work with. 

Buy from your local Right Weigh dealer

We have an extensive network of dealers located all across the United States and Canada. Find our products at your local Fleetpride or Truck Pro locations or click the link below to search our network for a dealer near you. 

Many owner-operators opt to install our gauges themselves. Installation is simple, and straight forward and requires only basic hand tools in most cases. Our spring suspension products often require welding, however you don’t need to be a great welder to perform this task. 

If you don’t feel like installing a gauge yourself, any mechanic shop or service center should be up for the task. We have dealers all over the country and many of them have service centers on site that are already familiar with installing our products. Check out our dealer locater tool to find a dealer near you.


With a fully loaded truck, park on level ground, chock the wheels and release the parking brake. Using a flat blade screwdriver, adjust the calibration screw so that the Right Weigh gauge matches the certified scale ticket weight for the axle group it is monitoring.


Digital gauges must be calibrated once while loaded and once while empty.

With a fully loaded vehicle, park on level ground, chock the wheels and release the parking brake. Use the keypad or touchscreen to select loaded calibration(Cal High) and then adjust the weight displayed on the Right Weigh gauge to match the loaded scale ticket weight for the axle group(s) it is monitoring.

Repeat this process when the vehicle is empty, selecting empty calibration(Cal Low) on the Right Weigh gauge and then adjusting the displayed weight to match the empty scale ticket weight.

Our digital air suspension scales have a feature that we call Estimated Steer. Estimated Steer is a readout of your steer axle weight without using a sensor on the steer axle. The way this works is the user inputs calibration data for the steer axle both empty and loaded. The scale associates the entered weights to the air pressure measured from the drive axle group at the time of calibration. Based on the data you input and the measurement from the drive axle group, the scale can calculate your steer axle weight. This feature is the best option for tractors with a fixed fifth wheel and is often more accurate than measuring the weight change with an air or strain sensor. This feature will not reliably work for straight trucks or anyone who slides their fifth wheel regularly.

When it comes to monitoring the weight of a lift axle, there are two basic configurations to be concerned with, integrated lift axles and independent lift axles. The only thing that separates these two configurations is how the air is supplied to the air bags. 

Integrated lift axles are supplied by the same Height Control Valve as the fixed axles in the group. Meaning when the lift axle is down, the HCV now has to supply two extra air bags. When purchasing a gauge to monitor an axle group with an integrated lift axle, you will only need to buy one gauge to monitor the entire group. When checking the weight of your axle group using a Right Weigh gauge, the integrated lift axle must be in the same position that it was in when the gauge was last calibrated(except 201 series).

Independent lift axles are separate from the Height Control Valve (HCV) that supplies the fixed axles. Independent lift axles typically use a manual air regulator to adjust how much weight they will carry. When purchasing a gauge to monitor an axle group with an independent lift axle, you have two options:

Option one is to purchase a digital gauge with two air sensors (for two HCVs). This option will display exactly how much weight is on the fixed axle group and lift axle at all times.

Option two is to purchase one gauge to monitor only the fixed axles. With this option, you will calibrate and check your Right Weigh gauge only when the lift axle is in the up position. This will still allow you to ensure you are within the legal limit for the gross vehicle weight but does not allow you to know the exact weight for the axle group when the lift axle is down. 

We have many options for drop and hook fleets. Our innovative Remote Trailer System is excellent for fleets with air suspension tractors and trailers and was designed with drop and hook in mind. This system saves cost and calibration time over other methods by utilizing only one display per tractor-trailer. Our exterior Bluetooth gauges are a good option for drop and hook fleets, as well as our standard analog gauges.