Air bag & plumbing installation

Step 1:

Check to see how many leveling valves are in the axle group.  You will need to tee into one airbag from each leveling valve system.  Most axle groups have only one leveling valve. For a dual leveling valve axle group, you will need to order a special dual leveling valve version of the scale.

Step 2:

Remove the air from the suspension system.  Remove the existing air line and fitting from one air bag in the axle group you would like to monitor.

Step 3:

Apply thread tape to the street T fitting and install fitting into the airbag.

Step 4:

Re-install the air line to the top of the street tee fitting. Install a new air line which will connect to the Right Weigh load scale, and tighten all fittings.

Step 5:

Route the new air line to the location chosen for the Right Weigh load scale. Secure the line safely using zip-ties.  Be careful not to kink the line during installation.