Testimonial 5

“After 41 years of driving and being in the transportation industry I have learned a few things and forgot a lot of things. What I have learned is Safety and safe driving are priceless. Any [...]

Testimonial 4

“I am a heavy hauler in the Northeast, carrying bulk tanker loads. I recently started loading at a remote rail yard with no available scale. So, I made the decision to look into an on-board [...]

Testimonial 3

“​Can’t thank you guys enough for everything! You’re customer service is 2nd to none and your product is amazing! Our fleet runs both the air and spring ride setups in all gauge [...]

Testimonial 2

“I have been using Right Weigh scales for 5 years now on all my trailers. Every new trailer purchased does not see the road until it has a scale installed. It takes only 30-45 min to [...]

Testimonial 1

“I bought my first RIGHT WEIGHT two years ago and I love it. Since then I equipt all my trailers with this scales tools. They are easy to use and save time and money for my business. Driver [...]