Testimonial 4

“I am a heavy hauler in the Northeast, carrying bulk tanker loads. I recently started loading at a remote rail yard with no available scale. So, I made the decision to look into an on-board scale system. I researched all available companies for effectiveness and cost and ended up choosing Right Weigh Scale Systems, inside cab digital scale #202-DDG-02C. Total install time was approximately 2 hours for both tractor and trailer. The instructions provided were easy to follow and installation went very smooth. Any questions I did have Dennis in sales and Casey (KC) in Engineering were always reachable and happy to assist me. I can now accurately load from a remote rail site to be within 100 lbs. of customers desired quantity whether it be legal 25 tons to 34 tons. This scale system paid for itself in one week’s time and keeps me legal going through weigh stations. I do recommend calibrations times two empty and loaded using a certified axle scale. Weight measurements will then be completely accurate. I am 100% satisfied with this purchase and will install same on my next unit. Highly recommended.”
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