Testimonial 5


“After 41 years of driving and being in the transportation industry I have learned a few things and forgot a lot of things. What I have learned is Safety and safe driving are priceless. Any thing a person can do to achieve these two things pays huge returns.
I have worked with Right Weight products for over 5 years, and never have been disappointed with their product or customer service. When I have had a problem the Right Weight staff worked with me until it was corrected.
I use the Digital Bluetooth 201-EDG Load Scale with the Cell Phone App. This system allows me to watch my axle weights and gross weights as the truck is being loaded. I am in control of the weights and HOW my trailer is being loaded. I know what my weight is before I leave the loading dock AND yes! This system is accurate when calibrated correctly.
As I said Safety does matter and it starts with a safe truck that is loaded correctly and driver that knows he is legal. ”

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