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About Right Weigh

                                                              Right Weigh was born from the need to
                                                              have a simple and affordable solution

                                                              for monitoring load weight. In 1998, Sid
                                                              Campbell developed Right Weigh’s first
                                                              onboard gauges. As a fleet owner and

                                                              operator in Alaska, Sid used his gauges on his
                                                              own trucks and trailers. He recognized that
                                                              many of his peers were also in search for the

                                                              same solution. Since then, Right Weigh has
                                                              become the go-to supplier of onboard
                                                              load scales.

                                                              Right Weigh’s gauges are designed and

                                                              engineered by an experienced team with
                                                              first-hand industry knowledge so our

                                                              customers can work efficiently and lawfully.
                                                              Right Weigh is committed to providing
                                                              affordable, reliable gauges and excellent

                                                              customer service. Whether you are an
                                                              owner/operator, fleet owner, or OEM, Right

                                                              Weigh gauges can save you time, save you
                                                              money, and support your safety efforts.

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