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                          How it Works

                         Air Suspension

                         Our scales work with most air suspension axle
                         groups that use a height control valve. An axle
                         group can consist of one, two, three, or four axles
                         that are all connected together by one or two height
                         control valves.

                         Height control valves, also called leveling valves,
                         maintain a consistent ride height between the frame
                         of the vehicle and the axles. When weight is applied
                         or removed from the vehicle, the ride height changes.
                         This change triggers the height control valve to
                         increase or decrease the air pressure in the system in
                         order to return the vehicle to the preset ride height.


                         Using a basic T-fitting, our scales connect to the
                         vehicle's air suspension system to monitor the air
                         pressure and display it as an accurate on-the-ground
                         axle group weight. The diagrams to the right illustrate
                         our scales installed on an air suspension axle group
                         with one height control valve. For axle groups with
                         two height control valves, two air lines are needed for

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