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How it Works

                 How it Works

                Spring Suspension

                Our spring suspension scales work with most
                spring suspension trailers and steer axles, as well
                as select types of drive axle suspensions.

                As weight is added to the vehicle, the axles and
                other suspension components will bend slightly.
                This bend, or strain force, is measurable and
                repeatable and can be translated into changes in
                on-the-ground weight.


                A strain sensor attaches to the axle or axle group
                to be monitored. On trailer, steer, and other non-         Sensor    Mounting blocks
                driving axles, the sensor is typically placed on the
                top center of the axle. For drive axles, sensors
                are positioned offset from center on the axle
                itself or strategically placed on a load-bearing
                suspension component such as a walking beam,                            Axle
                or single-point trunnion tube.                            Centerline for
                                                                          axle & sensor

                The strain sensor is attached by one of two
                methods. When attaching to axle tubes, single-
                point tunnion tubes, fabricated walking beams,
                or any other fabricated suspension component,
                welding is the preferred method of attachment.
                When attaching to a cast iron steer axle or any
                other cast iron suspension component, using
                epoxy to attach the sensor is preferred.
                See the diagram to the right for a basic
                overview of the strain sensor placement on
                a typical trailer axle.

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