Load Scales for Spring Suspension

The Right Weigh spring suspension load sensor for our Exterior Digital Scale is designed to measure the on-the-ground weight of spring suspension trailers.

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Why Right Weigh load scales?

Right Weigh, Inc. is the go to supplier that you can trust. In order for our customers to work efficiently and lawfully, our load scales are designed and engineered by an experienced team with first-hand industry knowledge. Our affordable and reliable load scale systems are built in-house from production to shipment.  Whether you are an owner/operator, fleet owner or OEM, Right Weigh load scales can save you time, save you money and support your safety efforts.

Increase profits

Maximize load capacity and save money on commercial scale fees, out-of-route mileage and overweight fines.

Save more time

No more detours to commercial ground scales. The days of waiting in line to rework and weigh your loads are over.

Improve safety efforts

Remove the guess work out of driving and maintaining legal weights.

The economical choice

Our scales meet customer needs at a fraction of the cost of other onboard load scale systems.

A product you can trust

Our products are reliable. To ensure that promise, our scales come with a 3-year warranty. Our customer’s satisfaction is most important to our company and we pride ourselves in our unparalleled customer service.

Keep it simple

Installation of our scales is a simple three-step process and calibration is quick and easy.

Featuring our Bluetooth enabled load scales

With our app, it’s easier than ever to monitor your load weight at any time on your smartphone.

Tracking, sharing and alerts right at your fingertips.


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Right Weigh load scales are valuable for operators, fleets and OEMs.

Our scales are versatile; they save time and money for operators and streamline commercial operations, productivity and efficiency.