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Haul any commodity in bulk with maximized ease and efficiency with our onboard load scales.

Easily and properly maximize your payload and save time. Our load scales help you maintain an amazing FMCSA Report Card Score. Not only are our scales affordable, but they also pay for themselves by virtue of cost savings!


How We Solve the Bulk Haul
Industry’s Biggest Hurdles


  • You get paid by the ton, so make sure you don’t leave revenue on the table.
  • Maximize every cubic foot of your hauling capacity.
  • Maximize your payload immediately and save time by avoiding reloading multiple times.


  • Don’t go over your weight limit and save time by avoiding reloading multiple times.
  • Always know you are driving under safe weight standards.
  • Get out of the loading facility ASAP by maintaining your weight under the limit.


  • Avoid overweight fees.
  • Avoid accidents by staying at an appropriate weight limit.
  • Avoid potential out of service events.

Keep your trucks on schedule and within budget.