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Dry Van freight hauling made efficient and simple with our onboard load scales.

Easily and properly balance your weight distribution per axle group to avoid fines and maintain safety standards. Avoid wasted miles, time and money by staying en-route. Our load scales help you maintain an amazing FMCSA Report Card Score. Not only are our scales affordable, but they also pay for themselves by virtue of cost savings!

310-54 LB

How We Solve the Dry Van Industry’s Biggest Hurdles


  • Save thousands of dollars by not paying annoying $13 CAT Scale fees
  • Stop wasting fuel and time by completely avoiding out of route miles to CAT Scales

Load Balancing

  • Maintain appropriate weight distribution per axle and avoid fines
  • Always know you are driving under safe weight standards


  • Keep a high FMCSA score by avoiding overweight fees
  • Stay within budget when overweight fees can be very costly by state

Keep your trucks on schedule and within budget.