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maximized weight sensitivity with our onboard load scales.  

Easily and properly balance weight distribution per axle group to avoid fines and maintain safety standards. Our load scales help you know everything you need to know to haul the heaviest items out there. Not only are our scales affordable, but they also pay for themselves by virtue of cost savings!


Please contact Right Weigh for a specific solution for you. Heavy Hauling is a delicate configuration, and our experts will be happy to help you find the right onboard load scales.

How We Solve the Heavy Haul
Industry’s Biggest Hurdles

Load Balancing

  • Know your position before you detach the crane.
  • Move equipment before getting off the trailer and save time.
  • Avoid accidents by staying at an appropriate weight balance.

Adequate Permitting

  • Determine if your weight is appropriate for the number of axles you have.
  • Know your load weight and determine if you have the right permit for the correct load.

Overweight Fees

  • Keep a high FMCSA score by avoiding overweight fees.
  • Stay within budget when overweight fees can be very costly by state.
  • Save money when you get fined for anything over the 80k lbs. mark.

Keep your trucks on schedule and within budget.