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Customer Success Experience:

How R&R Transport saved time and money with Right Weigh scales

In 2019, Vladislav Tsvetkov started R&R Transport with a few trucks transporting general goods from place to place. Ten years later, with hard work and a reputation for reliability, the fleet is over 50 units strong and the business continues to grow. Of course, as the business grew, Vladi was constantly looking for ways to improve and increase his bottom line. How could he help his drivers make more money and save time? How could he keep drivers satisfied and keep employee turnover low? And, perhaps most importantly for any business owner, how could he save money at the same time? Two years ago, he discovered Right Weigh scales and was thrilled to find that they helped him with every one of those business goals – increasing the payload for drivers, keeping drivers happy, and saving time and money. So how did he do it? Read on to hear his story.

Our Challenge

Before discovering Right Weigh scales, R&R used in-ground scales at the truck stops to check their vehicle weight—and the time and money of lost having to use those in-ground scales started to add up quick.As Vladi explains, “[Ground scales have] become more and more expensive—from $7 or $8 all the way up to $12.50 now. With 260 to 300 stops per year, that’s about $3,000 per truck.”In a fleet of 50 trucks, that’s a whopping $150,000 per year.

And that’s just the up-front monetary cost. The cost in time was also weighing heavy on Vladi. In his own words: “Stopping for every load—approximately four to five times per week per truck—meant 260 to 300 times per year…And here’s the thing: we run with e-logs and the driver loses time [for each of those stops].”

Assuming each stop takes an hour, 260 to 300 stops per year is a 260- to 300-hour loss, which can have a big impact on not only meeting shipping deadlines but also driver quality of life, especially if a load is actually overweight.

In some cases, Vladi elaborates, a driver may pick up a load, drive 50 miles to the nearest weigh station, and learn that the client estimated weight incorrectly and the truck is overweight. This means a return trip to the client to fix the weight problem. And not only is that an additional 100 miles driven overweight, but if the driver gets back after the shipper’s office has closed for the day, it means a lost driving day as the driver waits for the shipper’s office to re-open in the morning in order to fix the weight problem.

As any driver or transportation business owner can attest, these challenges are widespread—and also unavoidable. After all, overweight tickets are anywhere between $300 to $1,000 depending how overweight a vehicle is. Not to mention the cost in time and money if a truck gets stuck at a weigh station and has to hire an outside service to help them offload weight before continuing on. Nobody wants to skirt the law—and before technologies like Right Weigh’s scales, keeping compliant meant dealing with all the costs, time losses, and hassles that come with in-ground scale stops.


The Solution

So, how did Vladi drastically cut the time and money he was spending on stopping at weigh stations to scale trucks?

The answer, of course, is Right Weigh’s onboard load scales—simple technology that allows drivers to feel confident about their weight before they leave the shipper and to skip in-ground scale stops in favor of a more time on route without the risk of overweight tickets, safety issues, or additional delays.

“I heard about Right Weigh from drivers,” Vladi says. “They told me [these scales are] good to have and, as I started to do my own research, I found [that was true]. I contacted Right Weigh and they did a great job explaining everything. They helped me get all the info I needed to get these units to work well for my business.”

The scale option that Vladi ultimately chose for his fleet is our Digital Exterior Load Scale 201-EDG-01B—an air suspension exterior digital load scale that works on most tractor and trailer air suspension axle configurations.

“I heard about Right Weigh from drivers,” Vladi says. “They told me [these scales are] good to have and, as I started to do my own research, I found [that was true].”

The Results

Ask any of our customers the biggest benefit to Right Weigh scales and they’ll tell you it’s the savings in time and money. They change everything about the vehicle weight management process—removing unnecessary side-trips to check a load, eliminating the risk of expensive tickets and delays for non-compliance, and saving thousands per truck.

When we asked Vladi, he was enthusiastic about these benefits:

“I’m happy using Right Weigh because not only do I save money from the scales, but they also save me time…Let’s say you’re overweight and you gotta drive 50 miles to scale it. Now you’ve driven overweight 100 extra miles just to make sure you’re legal on the road…

You don’t need to drive overweight [at all] if you can fix an incorrect weight before leaving the customer. Right Weigh gives you the confidence not to stop for extra measurements.”

When asked what other benefits he’s gotten from Right Weigh scales, Vladi says safety and driver satisfaction are also high up his list.

After all, the less time drivers are stopping to scale their loads, the less time they’re on the road, the more time they can spend with their families, and the less likely they are to drive tired or have to stop for an additional overnight to comply with maximum driving hour limits.

At the end of the day, Vladi says more people should be using Right Weigh scales:

“The cost and time savings are more than enough reason to use these scales. It’s an easy calculation: it’s saving me thousands every year…If I knew about Right Weigh 10 years ago, I’d have been using them the whole time.”

Are you ready to SAVE TIME and MONEY for your business?