How to configure: Interior Digital, 2 HCV

The Right Weigh Interior Digital scale is a versatile gauge which can be used in a number of scenarios.  It will work well on any combination of single, tandem and tri-axle air suspension axle groups.

Tractor Only: Dual HCV drives

Weights Displayed: Estimated Steer, Drive

Kits needed: (2) 101-SK kits

Use this setup if you are pulling different trailers (drop and hook) with a dual HCV drive axle group. In this scenario, trailer monitoring must be done with a separate Right Weigh scale on the trailer itself.


STEP 1: Set Config inputs to be averaged (straight line).

STEP 2: Set name to “1&2: Drive”

Married Tractor/Trailer:  Single HCV Truck, Single HCV Trailer

Weights Displayed: Estimated Steer, Drive, Trailer A

Kits needed: (1) 101-SK and (1) 301-QDK

Use this setup if you are a married tractor/trailer set with a single HCV on the drives and trailer groups.


STEP 1: Set sensor inputs to be independent of each other (slashed line).

STEP 2: Set names  1: “Drive” and  2: “Trailer A”.

If you need more assistance setting up your scale with your configuration, please do not hesitate to give us a call in the office 1-888-818-2058. Our support technicians will be glad to speak with you and walk you through the process.