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201 Installation 1
201 Installation 2

Right Weigh scales mounted in a protective box come with a scale mounting bracket.

201 Installation Step 1

Step 1:

Choose a location for the bracket that allows the box to be opened and accessed easily.  The location should also be safe from forklift posts, tire caps, etc.  Make sure that the location chosen will not void any manufacturer’s warranty.

201 Installation Step 2

Step 2:

Route the air line from the air bag and the power cable through the back of the bracket.  Connect the other end of the power cable to a DC power source (between 9 and 32 V) such as a marker light or the power junction box. Power cable, air line, and connectors are included in the 201-SK installation kit, sold separately.

201 Installation Step 3

Step 3:

The back of the 201 series scale has a push-to-connect air fitting.  Push the air line firmly into the fitting.  No tightening is needed, do not attempt to turn the fitting with a wrench, damage to the scale will result.

201 Installation Step 4

Step 4:

Connect the power cable to the 201 Series scale using the shrink tubing crimp connectors in the 201-SK installation kit (sold separately).  After crimping, use a heat source to shrink the connectors to the wire.